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  to celebrate an event...?

a reception

flèche noire sur fond gris
flèche noire sur fond gris

Les Salons de l'Embryenne is the place of tranquility and excellence to carry out and happily live your project of commercial or festive receptions. 

Jardin intérieur "Les salons de l'Embryenne"
Cour intérieure "Les Salons de l'Embryenne"

With an adaptable reception capacity and our modular services, we can receive up to 45 people indoors and 70 people in the outdoor courtyard, or even more according to your wishes by setting up the appropriate facilities in the meadow, all with a professional kitchen for your lunches and dinners, and a dance floor with its sound system to end your visit to Embry in rhythm! 

Our will and our commitment:

provide you with the best service in an optimal quality/price ratio. 

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